Definition from the Cambridge Dictionary:

manipulation noun [ C/U ]

US  /məˌnɪp·jəˈleɪ·ʃən/

the action of influencing or controlling someone or something to your advantage, often without anyone knowing it:

[ U ] They have been accused of illegal manipulation of the stock market.

While not all manipulation is down-right evil, the perpetrator is playing mind-games nonetheless.  But when it comes to the abusive suitor/lover/spouse, Cult Leader or other con-artists, they could frankly care less who gets hurt in the process as long as they come out ahead.

Their actions are by no means accidental, they are outright calculated.  These narcissists are predators who go to great lengths to study their potential victims well in advance of luring them in.

It should be no surprise that the founder of the cult of Scientology researched promotion, marketing and sales techniques, then developed and trained his advocates on their use.  The cult worker-bees, skilled in these techniques, determined the demographics, who to target, what to say and how to say it, right down to the specifics, including images, venues, mediums, etc.

In the mid 70’s, and probably still to this day, people in their late teens/early 20s (high school graduates and college students) are a key target. Why?  Most are not yet set in their ways, have a thirst for knowlege and are in the quandary of figuring out what to do with their lives.

When these seekers of “truth” walk in a Scientology cult building, it is usual for them to undergo a 200 question “Oxford Capacity Analysis”, aka “personality test”. This reveals their buttons/triggers and these are stomped on hard by evaluators who are trained to find their “ruin”, get them into “fear of worsening” and then “need of change”.

Once on the hook, they are sold books, courses and counseling, and little by little are fed bits and pieces of obvious “truths”.  All the while they are led to believe the cult Founder discovered it all on his own and that anything not “blessed” by him isn’t authentic.

Hubbard was very clever and predicted there would be elements in society that would interfere with this manipulation.  So, he created “potential trouble source” and “suppressive person” policies to circumvent that. With these, advocates are alienated from their family, friends and anyone else who could cast doubt or stain the repute of the cult.

So, deeper and deeper into the rabit hole they go, believing that this is the only road to their salvation and to making a “true” difference in the world.  Several years and thousands of dollars later (similar to the abused partner) if one is fortunate enough to stop “drinking the kool-aid”, he/she discovers it was all lies.

But getting out of it altogether and rebuilding one’s life is an aruduos task to say the very least.  No surprise, you get turned on you with “how dare you think that!”, “you’re the bad guy”,  “you’re no good without me/us”, “you’ll never be happy/go free”. etc.

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Karen De La Carriere posted this on FB and invited me to comment.   I’d like to share this as broadly as possible, thus this article…

In addition to the internal violence, the despicable RPF, horrendous punishments, beatings, sleep deprivation, Oliver Twist food…rice and beans….there is also the factor of financial misdeeds.

In the early 1990s, the regges (salespeople) were out of control. They actually talked numerous people into purchasing their “PATRON” status (in those days $40,000), putting it onto an AMEX card and then not paying and declaring bankruptcy to get off the hook.

This was repeatedly done, and after full AMEX internal investigation,. the Flag Service org, the main income source in the world was terminated by AMEX and no longer permitted to use the card.

Los Angeles Day org similarly had the salespeople make unauthorized charges on AMEX cards for so many, that AMEX pulled the privilege of using the card.

Why does this happen ? Hubbard policy is you are only as good as last week’s stats. Your entire production is calculated Thursday 2pm to Thursday 2pm.

It took years before both these entities got back their American Express Privileges. I am sure the cult pleaded those “rogue” sales people were all fired etc etc.

And the most peculiar thing about all this is that the cult does not look at themselves as criminal for rip off and making AMEX pay for a huge amount of IAS Patron statuses, I AM VIEWED AS AN SP FOR WHISTLEBLOWING AND REPORTING IT !

The financial misconduct never really ceased and bubbled up humongously at the time of selling the Basics. But that will be another post.

By Karen De La Carriere

This is absolutely true and I expect it goes on to this day. As I recall, years ago ASHO also lost their AMEX privileges as well as Discover.

Truth be told, if enough people came forward with disputes with every possible credit source, even if they don’t get awarded the chargeback (mostly because they usually have a 6 month cutoff), this would raise so many red flags that the cult’s merchant privileges across the boards would get suspended.

If beyond the past 6 months, all you have to do is provide evidence that the service wasn’t delivered. If you have your CofS statement(s), that would do it.

As for donations, I got a charge back on an Ideal Org donation I made on an Amex despite having signed the form that states “no refunds”. Amex sided with me on the basis of fraud and misleading statements, which I was able to prove with the Debbie Cook email- ha ha!





I’ve been sending individual emails out to friends and family, but just in case I missed anyone here’s an update for you…

It’s possible you may already know about at least some of what I am going to cover here, so bear with me if you don’t mind.

This year has been pretty amazing for me. It was a little scary at the onset, being commission only as a Realtor and knowing that age 62 was right around the bend.

But my life took a positive turn in more ways than one (nope- no significant other in my life but I have long since stopped being concerned about that)…

First…A friend of mine, who I’ve known for 20+ years, helped me land an additional job. As of Sept 6, I’m the Growth and Development Director for a company that provides Mobile Healthcare for the elderly in skilled nursing facilities, specializing in Mobile Dental.  I’m on salary, manage my schedule and keep very productive. But the nice thing is that I can do it from virtually anywhere in the U.S. with my company phone and laptop. That said, I will not be spending the entire Winter in Omaha, that is for sure! In fact, I’ll be taking a work/vacation the month of Dec.

More specifically, I will be driving to Long Beach, CA (via N Texas, Phx, and Las Vegas) to do a Live-In Fitness program for 2 weeks in early Dec. Then I’ll be driving up the CA coast a bit to spend Christmas Holiday with family and friends. After that, provided the roads are safe, I plan to take the northern route back to Omaha via CO and will see family and friends around the end of the year/beginning of the new year.

In addition to that, I will be having my first Thanksgiving with family in Detroit since my teens!   I’m going to see my bros, cousins and my first best friend while there.  Note: Due to my cult involvement of 37 years, I have not had any holiday time with the majority of my family in over 40 years.  So this is a real treat!

Next.. I’m having a decent year as a Realtor. I have a 5 star review rating on Yelp and am getting a steady flow of new clients from that as well as from existing clients. Fall and Winter are usually slow but I’m keeping busy nonetheless. I’m also getting Realtors recruited for my downline so I can guarantee awesome service even when I am out of town and/or up to my eyeballs with work.

Last but not least, I finally published my autobiography (Oct 6) which I had started composing two years earlier. It is entitled: Over the Edge- A Pawn in the Scientology Money Machine.

I am beyond words on the therapeutic value of writing one’s story. It is by far the single most incredible experience I have ever had!

I’ve also been very active writing blogs and soon will be producing my own podcasts and helping others compose their stories. My website is: kaymrowe.wordpress.com

Now your turn.  Fill me in on how you are doing by return email and if possible, give me a call!

Best, Kay

P.S. If you are interested in purchasing my book here are the links.

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If you do read it, if you could kindly post a review on Amazon that would be very much appreciated.



The cult leaders and OSA staff of Scientology are not only the masters of fake news, but masters of smashing anyone who exposes the truth about them.

They have a team of unscrupulous, well-paid attorneys who predict the potential fall-out and protect them from lawsuits, thus the non-disclosure agreements and “arbitration clauses” in their contracts.

They have their cult members set up as social media police who troll through Facebook, Linkedin and other sites to rat-out people and cause trouble.

They have trashed every person who has spoken out on Leah and Mike’s amazing, Aftermath Documentary Series, Season One and Season Two.

So, I was not surprised when 2 very obvious fake negative reviews got posted on Amazon about my book “Over the Edge- A Pawn in the Scientology Money Machine”, no doubt, to deter readers from purchasing and finding out the truth, in particular, about their fundraising tactics.

What I revealed in my book is very damaging and incriminating, making it very clear that they do not warrant, “non-profit”, “religious”, let alone “tax-exempt” status.

Their intention was to crush the sales of my book, which dropped off coincident with the negative reviews getting posted.  Rest assured, I can take criticism, but I won’t tolerate this “fake” nonsense. To that end I have already emailed Amazon to have the reviews removed.   Reason being, people need to know the truth and this dangerous, money-grabbing cult needs to utterly crash out the bottom.

I am also asking that anyone who read my book to please post a factual review, negative or positive, I don’t mind, as long as it’s truthful.

P.S. If you are interested in purchasing my book here are the links.
Print on Demand Version:
Kindle Version:
Again, if you do read it, if you could kindly post a review that would be very much appreciated.



Please note: I made a point of  including the adjective “unselfish” to make it clear that this is not about giving with the expectation of a return and/or a hidden agenda.   This is just plain old giving because you want to bring joy and happiness to another and you know in your heart that it’s the right thing to do.

After 37 years of unselfish, but unfortunately, blind dedication to the cult of Scientology, I must admit, I was jaded on the subject of charity.

When asked to donate or contribute to some cause, I would often lie and say that I have a charity I am already contributing to, while muttering under my breath that I’ve done my bit for 37 years, it’s time to take care of me!

However, being a giver at heart, I was not able to hold myself back from at least making some kind of contribution.  That said, my first baby step toward unselfish giving was donating things I no longer used or needed to charities.   Then I stepped it up and using my culinary skills, I made healthy goodies for friends and associaties.

Finally,  particularly, in the past year, I achieved a comfortable (particularly when compared to all the years prior when I was not so), but relatively low level of financial stability. Eventually I stepped it up a notch by contributing a small amount out of every commission check.

Then out of the blue, I did something very scary- I dived in and secretly helped a family by paying their overdue rent ($1550).  More specifically, initially I did it to prevent a client (the landlord) from stressing out, with the expectation that once the tenants came up with the funds I would re-coup what I put out.

However, due to a turn of events, I had to fess up to my client and the tenants that the rent had been paid from my funds. Suffice it to say, plans changed and shortly after, my perspective did as well.

I looked at this family, husband and wife both former military, husband 20 years, the wife, 5 years or so, with a 14 year old son and 3 grand-children to care for, stressed out on finances with no immediate solution to catch up on the back rent.

I could not find it in my heart to dun them to repay me the $1550.  Besides, they never asked me to do this for them and there was nothing in writing.  So, I let it go.  And even with them insisting that they were going to pay me back, I said “No. Consider this me paying it forward.”

Now, looking back, if I had this to do all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.   Not because I am wealthy, since I surely am not – I’m single, nearly 62 years old, no pension, very little social security, so virtually nothing and noboby to fall back on- but because it is the right thing to do from my perspective.

There are no words to express how good I feel as a human being to unselfishly give.  If you haven’t done it, try it sometime and see for yourself.





If there was any skill I honed from 37 years of entrapment in the cult of Scientology it was resilence, the ability to “turn lemons into lemonade”.

Had it not been for that “personality trait” I surely would have been driven to taking my own life and would not have had the opportunity to share my story in this modern age.

But before I go on, you should that what inspired me to write this blog was a recent book review:   Here’s an excerpt:

“Scientology is a cult, plain and simple. I get concerned when these ex cult members try to still find “some positives”. Nothing learned in scientology that an individual could not of learned about themselves in normal society. Zero positives about Scientology. I’m glad author got out of the cult but I suspect she’s not aware (as of the time this booked was published) she still sounds like a active member of Scientology. She’s justifying every chapter and continually defending every statement or decision she makes.”

I found this so intriguing I decided to comment on it on Amazon:

“Not sure how you got that I’m still an active member. Nothing could be further from the truth. As for my writing coming across defensive and explaining- I got a lot of feedback from family and friends who I consulted with while writing my book. The key input was that it was missing the how and why, so I made it a point of answering that. I have moved on and have no regrets. My main concern now is taking responsibility and helping others break out from Scn and other toxic relationships. As for anything positive coming out- well. it’s my story, my perspective. I’m the kind of person who can “turn lemons into lemonade”. I live life and learn from it, whether the experience was pleasant or not. As for Scn, I met some amazing people, some are my closest friends to this day, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.”

And on that note of amazing people…

I received a mysterious call last week and replied with a text asking who it was and how could I help them.  In a split second, I got a reply which brought me to tears!  It was one of my best friends from over 40 years ago from the Santa Barbara chapter of my life.  She had left the cult 25 years prior and was “persona non grata”.   Once I was out, and free to do as I chose, I tried to find her but it dead-ended.

She is not on social media. But she saw my book, purchased and started reading it, found my contact info and then reached out to me.

Unfortunately I was at the beauty salon getting my hair done so couldn’t converse right then and there.  But right after that we talked for a couple hours, caught up and made plans to meet in the coming month.

There you have it.   Something positive, despite all the negative.   So grab those lemons and make lemonade!




Having spent 2 years compiling my story and finally publishing it on Oct 6, 2017, I can honestly say that it was by far the most therapeutic experience I have ever had.  I had countless “aha” moments every step of the way and publishing took it up several notches.

Even if you have no interest in publishing, for whatever reason, maintaining your privacy being the usual, you have the option of writing under a pen name or even changing the names of the characters and the places and labelling it “Fiction”.

But no matter how you go about this, it’s a pretty sure bet that you will feel better.

Another side benefit that I experienced is that telling my story got several others I know to open up about theirs.   I found it absolutely amazing how much trauma people I personally know have gone through in their lives yet each and everyone of them managed to rise above it and are enjoying life in their later years.

The thing we all seemed to have in common was our willingness to get it off our chest and share it with someone, whether a best friend, a therapist or in a book.

So, no matter how embarrassed or ashamed you may feel about your past, let it go, compile your story.  Once you’ve done so you can decide what you want to do with it.

Happy compiling!_20140711_231124