Non-disclosure agreements are common in the business world in particular, but its use by a so-called religion is very odd to say the least.

When it comes to the Scientology cult its not only a scare tactic but an admission of guilt. Clearly they have this in place to thwart exposure and lawsuits.

As covered in my autobiography, “Over the Edge: A Pawn in the Scientology Money Machine”,  one staff member from the Office of Special Affairs (the cult’s Legal and PR department) admitted to the abuse in “the Hole” and elsewhere, stating it used to happen but had been handled.  Another specifically told me that the reason why the Suppressive Person Declares were being kept under lock and key and were no longer being posted on the Scientology Org notice boards is “to prevent libel and slander suits”.

So, what are they afraid of?   The answer…being exposed for the abusive fraud that they really are.

Here’s a few paragraphs from the non-disclosure agreement I signed under duress when I retired from Sea Org staff on June 25, 2010, to show the depths they go to keep their violations under wraps.

1. Consideration to be Received from the Church

In consideration for entering into this agreement to abide by the foregoing recitals and the release and obligations set forth below, the Church will provide me with a $500.00 staff departure transitional support allowance payable immediately.  The Church additionally agrees to provide me the following transitional support:

A. Assistance in finding a job.

B. Assistance in moving my possessions as needed.

4. Acknowledgment of no claims against any Scientology Entity

A. I acknowledge that for the entire time that I served on the Church’s staff that I intended to serve as a volunteer religious worker and never worked with any expectation of being paid or otherwise compensated for my work (including overtime, minimum wages, pension payments or similar benefits) and therefore do not expect or want any payment of any kind from the Church.

B. I further acknowledge that I have no claim of any kind against the Church or any Scientology Entity of which I am aware, buy if I do have any such claim or claims against them or any one of them of whatever nature I hereby release the Church and the Scientology Entities from any and all such claims I may have (hereafter the “Release”) in return for the valuable consideration described in Section 1 above.

C. This release covers every claim I may have or possibly could have against any church or mission of the Scientology religion, including but not limited to the Church of Scientology Western United States, Church of Scientology International, Church of Spiritual Technology, the Religious Technology Center and their affiliated organizations any any entity they may own or manage (collectively the “Scientology Entities”), as well as Any past, present, and future officer, director, trustee, and staff member of any Scientology Entity, in any capacity, and any religious worker, staff member, employee and parishioner of any Scientology Entity and their respective families and successors in interest (the “Scientology Releasees”).  The released claims include even those claims I may not know about right now but that may become apparent sometime in the future.

(i) Because this Release covers unknown potential future claims, I understand that I must specifically waive the provisions of California Civil Code Section 1542 for this Release to be effective for future claims. This law provides that:

“A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him or her must have materially affected his or he settlement with the debtor.”.

(ii) I understand that this law means that I cannot give up any claims that I do not know about or suspect I have by signing this Release unless I clearly state that i intend and want to give up the protection that this law provides. I HEREBY STATE THAT I DO WANT TO GIVE UP THE PROTECTION OF THAT LAW.  I understand and intend that I am releasing all claims against any Scientology Entity even if I currently do not know about them and could not reasonably know about them. Therefore I agree that California Civil Code 1542 does not and will not apply to this release and waiver.

D.  My promise to release any claim I may have against the Church or any Scientology Entity whether known or unknown, is unconditional and irrevocable and binding for all future years, forever, on my successors in interest, including anyone who may be acting or purporting to act on my behalf or for my benefit, regardless of whether I am alive, dead, disabled or incapacitated, and under any and all circumstances, whether foreseeable or not.

5. Agreement never to Disparage a Scientology Entity or Principal

I agree not to directly or indirectly engage in any conduct or make any statement to any Third Parties, whether in commercial or noncommercial speech, that disparages or criticizes in any way the Scientology Entities or Scientology Releasees or their religious materials, services or practices.  Nor shall I engage in any conduct or make any statement that does or could impair the goodwill or reputation of the Scientology Entities or Scientology Releasees or their religious materials, services or practices except to the extent I may be compelled to do so by court order, and then only after consultation with the Church to the extent possible.

6. Agreement as to the Church’s remedies if I break my promises

C.  I further acknowledge that if I break any of the promises I have made in this Agreement that it wold be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to calculate actual damages to the Church. For this reaosn, I agree that if the Church is forced to go to court as a result of my violation of this agreement that in addition to any other remedy the Church may have that I will pay the Church $20,000 (Twenty Thousand Dollars) for every one of my violations of this Agreement.   I understand that this sum, which is call “liquidated damages”, is not meant to be a penalty, but rather represents a reasonable attempt to estimate a fair compensation for the foreseeable losses that might result from each such breach. I agree to this sum because I believe it fairly reflects the value of a violation of each one of the obligations I have made and that it also gives me a reasonable incentive not to break my promises.”