As I have gotten closer to releasing my autobiography, “Over the Edge: A Pawn in the Scientology Money Machine” my friends in Omaha, who have had no affiliation with Scientology have asked:  “Are you concerned for your safety?,  “Do you think that exposing the Church of Scientology will result in a lawsuit or harm you in some way?”

My answer…

Not in the least. The non-disclosure agreement I signed would probably not hold up in a court of law.  I wouldn’t have been able to leave “in good standing”, nor received my $500 check to start a new life had I not signed- I’d call that duress.

Besides, contrary to their reputation for being litigious, they have not filed suit on anyone to my knowledge since Debbie Cook in early 2012 and that turned out very bad for them.

Instead they put on a show and fervently deny all “allegations”.   If they are so convinced of their rightness, where are the libel and slander suits?

Next, I have literally nothing to lose, no assets, self-employed so they can’t garnish my wages.  “You can’t drain blood from a turnip” comes into play. Besides that, with the Church as money motivated as it is, I would be “small fish”, no monetary gain, so a suit against me would be a poor investment for them.

On a more positive note, I sure would get a lot of publicity if they did and all too likely my story would go viral as a result.   So, I say “Bring it on!”

As a little side note, I must share a funny anecdote…

I’ve had nightmares about Scientology ever since I got involved.  Of course they have changed over the years as my perspective shifted.

Since I officially resigned and up until a few months ago, the nightmares were of me still being there even though I was out.  I was surrounded by Sea Org members refusing to acknowledge that I resigned, barking orders at me, expecting me to comply, at which time I’d wake up.

But just the other night, I had one with a new twist.  This time I was walking down the street in front of the Scientology Big Blue building and I had a real estate flyer that flew out of my hand onto the grass.

Promptly a Security guard approached me, warning that if it happened again I’d have to pay a $100 fine for the litter.   I was polite and talked him out of pursuing it. Then another flier dropped and he demanded the $100, then told me he’d make it $50,  but I managed to wiggle out of that.

Just when I thought I was home free, another guard came up and demanded I pay the $100.  I explained what had happened and that I had an agreement to not pay a fine as it was purely accidental, yet he insisted.

Instead of waking up, I raised my voice, called him a bully and asked him point blank, how he was going to enforce it.   This was in ear shot of several other Sea Org members who were doing menial labor, one an old friend of mine.   She perked up and I could tell by the look on her face that she sided with me.

A split second later I woke up hopeful that many people who are still in will read my book, have a radical change of view and get the heck out of there!