In one of my recent blog articles, “Over the Edge: To Give or Not Give “The Benefit of the Doubt”, one of my examples of potential scams was Health/Wellness/Fitness products and businesses.

I mentioned that I had an ongoing dispute with a Fitness Camp/Resort.  In all fairness, I didn’t disclose the business name at the time as we were mid resolution.  In this particular case, the General Manager/Vice President/part-owner of the business went out of her way to discuss and resolve every single concern I had.

Well, I am now happy to say, we’re all good and in the process I learned a valuable lesson.  If there is an opportunity for dialogue, in many cases, it is wise to accept it as an option. The fact is no person or business is perfect and the ones that are willing to communicate, own up and take responsilbility for valid issues are worth maintaining a relationship with.

Another point I want to make is that, some people (myself included in some instances), are not easy to please.   I have been on the other end of this and must say it is disheartening to go out of your way to give near impeccable service only to have to deal with the rare customer/client who is negative and near impossible to please. Honestly, I never want to be that kind of person, but I do have my moments and I don’t believe I am alone in this.

People seeking help and having had a freeway pile up of disappointments in their life seem more prone to be negative.  The Health/Wellness/Fitness industry attracts these individuals.  The people employed in these industries certainly have their work cut out for them to get 5-star reviews across the boards.   Unfortunately there will always be some who post nasty reviews, there’s no getting around it.

My advice, when doing your due diligence is to take the above into account and don’t prejudge based on reviews.  If at all possible go see for yourself and if they have a free-trial, use it.