As covered in my autobiography, “Over the Edge: A Pawn in the Scientology Money Machine”, much of my involvement with Scientology had a negative impact on me emotionally, financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.

That’s a whole lot of mess to fix.

What are my recommendations to people who have had similar experiences, including addictions to any other types of toxic, unhealthy relationships?

The key things that helped me heal and move on are as follows:

Believe in yourself, connect with people who are non-judgemental, trust in them and accept help and advice, particularly on books to read and videos to view.   This very much includes professional counsellors, therapists, Pastors, etc.   I also suggest giving yourself a make-over so to speak, by recognizing unhealthy habits, giving them the boot and replacing them with healthy ones; examples are nutrition, attending to medical and dental issues, exercise, rest, recreation, etc.

Build strong relationships with family and friends and at the same time weed out toxic relationships from your life, when necessary.  Note: I make a point of doing my damndest to fix relationships before I decide to bail, reason being, no one is perfect and quite often you can repair them, and I’d prefer not to wonder “what if”. 

Recognize your skills and abilities and put yourself to work utilizing them.

Form a list of questions to get answers to regarding Scientology (or whatever the troublesome relationship is) and your family roots (because your family tree can leave a mark on you) then perform an unbiased research to find the answers.  

As regards Scientology in particular, I “erased the tape”, i.e. all the things that I took on faith and had never done my due diligence on.  Fortunately, due to modern technology I was able to access factual records. That is how I discovered the lies about Hubbard’s life and so-called successes, the fake lawsuit victories, the false prophecy and even plagiarism on his part.   

This later I tripped over by accident.  It was an innocent FB posting featuring Vince Lombardi of football fame, with one of his favorite quotes “Think Big” also referred to as “It’s all in a state of mind poem” by Walter D Wintle.  Yet, LRH used this poem verbatim on a musical CD he created with notable musicians at Golden Era Productions (his very own Sea Org studio), and took full credit for it. Note: The earliest recorded version was from a publication of 1905 for the Unity Tract Society, Unity School of Christianity.

Subscribe to a pre-paid legal service so that you have easy access to legal advice.

Travel as much as possible, widen your perspective, get out in the world and experience life.

Last, but not least, write and share your story, even if you don’t publish it.   It can be a daunting task but is well worth it.   In fact, if you are interested, as a charitable contribution, I would be willing to give you some guidance.  

Best, Kay Rowe